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File   Bunker Backups That Happen

Keeping your data secure takes a multi-pronged strategy. That means less reliance on perimeter defences and more emphasis on pervasive security.

File Bunker allows you to use genuinely secure file encryption to secure your files before they are transferred securely to our server where they remain encrypted.

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We all know we should backup our files, but how many of us actually get round to it?

Don’t get caught out, backup all your files, photos, music and videos today.

Then relax as your backup is maintained.

Security Honesty Fairness

Gimmick free pricing.

There’s no such thing as ‘free’ online storage, it has to be paid for somehow.

Its costs money to store your data properly so we don’t try to fool you with ‘free’ accounts and gimmicks.

Just pay for what you use.

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Fair pricing, fair terms and fair standards of service.

There’s nothing worse than paying for something only to find later that you aren’t on the level playing field you thought you were on.

When it comes to storing your data, fair policies and trust are crucial. It’s too important to leave to chance.

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